Hire Me

If you’re looking at this page, you’re especially welcome! I’m always interested in talking with prospective clients about how I can furnish solutions to your needs.


Generally speaking, you’re probably thinking of hiring me for a role pertaining to three skill sets: (1) travel writing; (2) East/Southeast Asian affairs & international relations; (3) SEO/Digital Marketing.  


(1) Travel writing was simply a hobby that found itself married to my research and writing skills.  The work is pleasant, and clients are usually delighted to find someone with a great deal of on-the-ground experience in destinations that their audiences are curious about.  To give an example of prior work, clients have solicited pieces pertaining to travel hacking and honeymoon destinations.


(2) Ah, my other passion and my academic area.  I love the continual challenge that this realm presents, particularly in my preferred regions.  The international political arena, particularly as it concerns China and the ASEAN countries, is continually in flux and demands that professionals and “watchers” be ever on their game. I relish how my travels will put me in the middle of the aforementioned arena, and anyone in need of a guy on the ground is encouraged to contact me ASAP.


(3) The short:  I developed this out of interest in the fine art of getting noticed online.  If you’re interested in tapping into my SEO/digital marketing knowledge, I am most interested in helping young start-ups and freelancers. That said, I am happy to discuss most any project.