An International Health Info Must-Have for Travelling Women

In my meandering around the internet, I came across a discussion about nomad-friendly online resources for women’s health. Give how much of my network travels extensively, I thought that my findings might be of use.

Soroush Karimi

One particular resource stands out: Gynopedia. It aims to provide women’s sexual, reproductive, and women’s health info for cities and countries around the world. Further, the site also takes into account the needs of LGBTQ women. Users will find information on access to contraception, local attitudes that may complicate service provision, cost of healthcare goods/services (in local currency, often with US$ conversions).


This page lists the most complete/informative cities. You’ll note that for most countries, only the capital is covered. To my auld St Andrews/UK readers, you might be surprised to note that only London and Edinburgh have reasonably complete pages.


To my women readers: if you can spare 5 minutes to add some info or create a page for your city, you’re giving a great gift to community knowledge. For any reader, if you are affiliated or have contacts with a community that could benefit from local knowledge re: women’s health care, please circulate this site. Examples might include support groups/clubs for foreign students, LGBT societies, and recent migrants.


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Featured image credit:Hush Naidoo